Alien Anarchy

  • Description
    • The group of brave space voyagers made a crash landing on a distant planet. They’ve encountered hostile inhabitants who claimed to cut the invaders’ heads off. So, now you have to defend your crew as long as possible while repairing the ship.

      - 3 hero classes
      - 12 weapons
      - 7 weapon modifiers which provide unique abilities and unlock various strategies
      - 7 skills with 10 levels each
      - hundreds of enemies trying to get you dead or alive

      What else do you need to have fun? Oh, did we mention that the planet was the Earth and the voyagers were the aliens?
  • Instructions
    • Hold the mouse button down to shoot.n1-4 to switch weapons.nM to mutenR to reloadnDrag-and-drop 3 loot items to craft a modnDrag-and-drop 1 mod+2 loot items to upgrade a modnDrag-and-drop mod on the weapon

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