Kamikaze Pigs

  • Description
    • The smell of sizzling sausages fills the air as pigs turn out by the dozen to answer a call to arms, only to fall squealing before an onslaught of murder, mayhem and deliciously bacon-flavored carnage. What are they so afraid of? Why have the pigs gone to war in the first place… and whose bright idea was it to put a big, shiny red button on every last rocket, plane, and tank in their arsenal?
      Join the fun in this fresh take on the chain reaction game genre, and send these porkers to their doom with a soft bang and a loud SQUEE!
      KAMIKAZE PIGS features 40 levels of gameplay for the casual player… or, you can grind it out, and in so doing unlock hidden levels and a bonus Big-Boss!
      Play through a series of richly detailed environments, including day and night levels!
      Achieve kill combos of 70, even 80… can you make it to 90?
      Dozens of challenging achievements and fun upgrades; unlock new features with stars, and buy with in-game cash. Achievements don’t just sit around, either; they offer additional stars towards future upgrades!
  • Instructions
    • 1.Destroy as many pigs as possible by clicking to cause a chain reaction. This gets you cash!n2.Reach the red flag in the kill progress meter to clear the level.n3.The charge meter will refill as chain reactions occur. When full, roast’em again!n4.Get stars by colliding with them or via the kill progress meter. Stars unlock new upgrades.n5.You can always sell upgrades if it is makes a level hard!

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